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Admissions Process

The application process is usually much simpler and more straightforward for beauty programs compared to traditional four-year college programs.

There are some basic components to the enrollment process . Here are the steps you should know:

  • Fill out the school’s application form. Click Here for Application.
  • Submit the application online
  • When we receive your application we will email you to set up an Interview with an admissions adviser. An in-person interview is required for admission.
  • Complete the FAFSA and any other financial aid applications. The link to the FAFSA application can be found by clicking here.
  • Please call to reschedule any appointments that cannot be kept.
  • No-Call-No-Show appointments may be asked to restart the application process.

When you are ready to enroll , you will do the following:

  • Pay applicable registration fee.
  • Set up financing, loans or a payment plan with the school
  • Sign an enrollment contract with the school and provide required documents
  • High School transcripts , Driver License , and Social Security Card- if applies your marriage license
  • Start school!

Acceptance: Applicants must be of good moral character and have temperate habits. They should have a desire to enter the profession they are considering. Have all required documents prior to first day of class. Meet required standards and exhibit ability to succeed in the beauty industry. People not affiliated or employed by the school may be considered in determining acceptance.


Jenny Lea Academy of Cosmetology provides placement assistance, professional appearance guidelines, and follow-up to its students and graduates. The school does not guarantee students a job after completion of the course; however, area shops are continually contacting the school to make them aware of the openings and this information is then posted on the student bulletin board and job referrals are made available to qualified students.


JLA Always attempts to accept all transfer hours.

Whitesburg, KY Phone Number


Jenny Lea Academy uses a clock hour program, student hours in all programs are reported to the Board of Cosmetology as clock hours. Additional information regarding clock hours required for licensure in the State of Tennessee may be found here.

Occupational profile can be found at the Department of Labor’s O*NET web site here.