Become a professional in less than one year


Jenny Lea Academy provides a superior educational experience that includes:

  • A quality education for all students.

  • Assist local salons, spas and appropriate industries in maintaining effective, well-trained cosmetologist, aestheticians, barbers, and nail technicians.

  • Skills far above those required for state licensure.

  • Provide a network of support services for students and local salons, barbershops, and spas.

  • Advanced cosmetology, aesthetics, barbering, and nail technology training.

  • Embrace an attitude of intense gratitude to all who contribute to the success of the Academy and its graduates.

  • Continuing professional education.

  • Embracing student and staff communication.

  • Development of goals and student empowerment.

  • Provide well-maintained physical facilities equipment & professional products.

Mission Statement

The primary purpose of The Jenny Lea Academy of Cosmetology is to educate top quality individuals in the arts and sciences of Cosmetology, Aesthetics, Barbering, and Nail Technology. Using innovative techniques, our goal is to prepare our graduates for professional and well-paying careers in the salon and spa industries.

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