Johnson City, TN

Cosmetology Completion, Placement, Median Loan Debt

School Calendar Year 2017
Licensure Rate = 96.46%
Completion Rate = 45.83%
Placement Rate = 84.85%
Median Title IV Loan Debt = $14,500 Private Loan, Institutional Debt: N/A

Aesthetics Completion, Placement, Median Loan Debt
Calendar year 2017
Completion Rate = 76.92%
Placement Rate = 80%
Licensure Rate = 100%
Median Loan Debt = $2917.00

The school campus consists of the building at 222 E. Unaka Ave. and adjoining parking lot.   Following are the local statistics of criminal offenses reported to the school, staff or local police department.

2014       No crimes reported
2015       No crimes reported
2016       No crimes reported
2017       No crimes reported

Safety & Crime Handbook
You can download the current Safety & Crime Handbook from this link.

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Jenny Lea Academy is authorized for operation as a post-secondary educational institution by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.

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